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Infrared Saunas with Dr Don Colbert and QCA Spas

“...the best way I found to detoxify the body without side effects is the Infrared Sauna.” Dr. Don Colbert, MD


     Dr. Don Colbert MD, New York Times best-selling author of Toxic Relief and Get Healthy Through Detox And Fasting, gives his enthusiastic, educated opinion on the benefits of regular use of infrared saunas. Having treated over 50,000 patients during his 25 years of practise at the Divine Health Wellness Center in Orlando, Florida, of which he is currently the acting Medical Director, Dr. Colbert has seen first-hand the toll toxicity can take on people’s health.


     “...I recommend detoxification especially in the form of Infrared Sauna in order to cleanse and detoxify our bodies on a cellular level. You see, everyone on this planet is toxic. We all have toxins in our bodies.”

     “These toxins in our bodies are going to our brain, setting the stage for Alzheimer’s disease. They are affecting our liver. They are affecting our kidneys. They are affecting our energy level, and as a result, we are seeing epidemics of disease. These toxins even set the stage for heart disease.”

     “We also find that...this heavy toxic burden causes tremendous fatigue in our bodies, causes brain fog. We get tired. We get run down. Our bodies begin to age faster. We begin to degenerate.”


     Dr. Colbert, expert in the field of integrative medicine, frequently featured on such television and radio shows as Fox News, ABC World News, BBC, including his own syndicated program “Dr. Colbert’s Health Report”, emphasizes the necessity of detoxifying our bodies without harmful side effects.


     “What infrared sauna does, it uses heat energy along with infrared rays that literally detoxifies your body, removing chemicals, solvents, pesticides, heavy metals. It also charges the immune system and starts to destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites, even lyme disease patients I have treated tremendously with infrared sauna.”

     “...I strongly recommend it, not only for people with disease, like heart disease and cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia, but for everyone because we are all toxic.


     Dr. Colbert recommends detoxing at least a few times a week to feel increased energy, mental clarity, and to reverse disease.


     “You will live longer. You will live healthier, and your body will be resistant to disease.”


     Now isn’t that what we all want? Sounds like priceless advice, to me.

Thanks to Dr Colbert and QCA Spas for thsi informative video.


Sun Stream Infrared Sauna presents the New Multi-Bench Model


In this video, Kevin Halsey, Owner of Sun Stream Infrared Saunas, displays the new 'Multi-Bench' sauna model. This sauna features a unique variable bench system. The sauna includes two movable bench sections which allow you to create 4 different bench configurations including a Converation bench, U Bench, Platform bench and Surround Bench.

The video discusses the different infrared sauna bench layouts and all the premium Infrared sauna features of this model.

We hope you enjoy our video of this truly unique sauna design. Give us a call anytime with all your Infrared sauna questions 1 -888 262 4477

Simon Whitfield, Canadian Olympic Triathalete talks Infrared Saunas

A super interview with Simon Whitfield, our Canadian Olympic Triathlete at the London 2012 Summer Games. Interviewed by Health Mate saunas UK, Simon discusses his preparation and training for a race event which includes regular use of  Infrared saunas


"I have had a Far-Red Infrared Sauna for the last two years, and used it three to four times a week in my preparation for competition,... We use them in the lead-up to competition after training, and it’s a time to focus, it’s a time to think about your  race."


Sun Stream Infrared Saunas main office is in Victoria  BC, Simon's current home town, and we can cerainly identify with his comments regarding training in the coastal BC climate. Simon discusses the value of the Infrared sauna for adaptation to heat in his training routine:


"So, we live in Victoria, British Columbia, and it’s not hot there. It stays pretty mild all year long. It’s a great training atmosphere, but it’s not ideal for preparing for races in the heat, and so leading into the Beijing Olympics where it was going to be 30+ degrees, and a lot of races that we do are very hot, it was a way to adapt to the heat, and stay where we live in Victoria, and kind of get the best of both worlds."


Simon continues to explain the value of the infrared saunas for himself as an elite athlete 

"The studies supported that beyond just heat acclimation that there were a lot of great health benefits. I have also noticed for me that it just keeps me limber in terms of, you know, I am 37 years old, so I compete a lot of the young guys and they don’t have the same, you know, crickety legs, getting out of bed as I do, and find with the Infrared, I really notice the difference if I use it the night before and the next morning after a session, I feel really good. Also, I don’t find it draining like a traditional sauna

.... I find that with Far-Red Infrared you can just go in and you actually feel a lot better afterwards, you don’t feel drained. So, it’s a great asset for us, a huge asset. "

Thanks to Simon Whifield and Health Mate UK for this interesting interview.



Infrared Sauna Benefits Library

Newly added to a our site, the Infrared Sauna Benefits library features excerpts from numerous magazine atricles, medical journals and TV video clips. The health benefits of infrared saunas have been well studied and documented and we have put this collection of  excerpts together  to make this valuable information easily accessible.

Medical studies have been publsihed in the likes of the Mayo Clinic Proceedings and the Journal of the American Medical Association . Topics covered include heart health, arthritis, pain releif, weight loss and sweat detoxifcation.

Several TV shows have featured Infrared saunas including Dr. Oz on the Oprah Show, the Doctors, Brenda Watson ND on PBS and the CBS Early Show.

Visit our main site to learn more!


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