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Infrared Sauna Basswood Construction

Sun Stream Infrared Sauna is pleased to announce the return of hardwood  Basswood used in the construction of our  infrared saunas. Sun Stream is one of Canada's original infrared sauna companies and has first hand experience with the different woods used in the sauna industry.

Most infrared sauna brands are built from softwood Hemlock. Amongst wood experts, Hemlock is known to be susceptible to deforming over time and has a low resistance to moisture. In contrast, our hardwood Basswood is a much denser, more stable and water resistant material. Our benches and floor are constructed with 8mm thick boards for extra strength capable of withstanding heavy use in spas, fitness clubs and other commercial applications.

Basswood is used in many applications where longevity and stability are required. These include Basswood guitars, window blinds, utensils and even beehives. Basswood is a very neutral hypo-allergenic wood that does not leach anything to harm the honey or bees.

We hope you enjoy the video and please contact us anytime with all your far infrared sauna questions.

Sun Stream Infrared Saunas are constructed from hardwood Basswood. This dense, stable wood is far superior to commonly used softwood Hemlock used in most infrared sauna brands. Basswood is a neutral, hypo-allergenic wood that provides greater strength and moisture resistance.


Owner of Sun Stream Infrared Sauna, Kevin Halsey, exhibits sauna benches constructed with softwood Hemlock vs. hardwood Basswood. Enjoy the video and discover how much stronger and superior the Sun Stream Basswood construction is compared to other infrared sauna brands. 



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