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New Colour Light Therapy for Sun Stream Sauna

Colour LIght therapy was introduced to Infrared Saunas several years ago and it is common to see this feature advertised in several different sauna brands. Unfortunately, most of these light units are not providing much light using only low wattage LEDs.

Sun Stream is pleased to introduce a high powered Colour Light system for 2012. We are utilizing the latest in LED lighting featuring two 9 watt MR16 bulbs. These lights are small but powerful. LED technology is racing ahead in leaps and bounds and we now have a light unit that fits flush in the ceiling of our saunas without cluttering the inside of the saunas yet provides powerful light to flood the inside of the room with colour.

The light unit is controlled by remote control and features 15 preset colours along with several colour changing programs. More news on this feature soon!

New Colour Light Therapy for Sun Stream Infrared Saunas


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