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Simon Whitfield, Canadian Olympic Triathalete talks Infrared Saunas

A super interview with Simon Whitfield, our Canadian Olympic Triathlete at the London 2012 Summer Games. Interviewed by Health Mate saunas UK, Simon discusses his preparation and training for a race event which includes regular use of  Infrared saunas


"I have had a Far-Red Infrared Sauna for the last two years, and used it three to four times a week in my preparation for competition,... We use them in the lead-up to competition after training, and it’s a time to focus, it’s a time to think about your  race."


Sun Stream Infrared Saunas main office is in Victoria  BC, Simon's current home town, and we can cerainly identify with his comments regarding training in the coastal BC climate. Simon discusses the value of the Infrared sauna for adaptation to heat in his training routine:


"So, we live in Victoria, British Columbia, and it’s not hot there. It stays pretty mild all year long. It’s a great training atmosphere, but it’s not ideal for preparing for races in the heat, and so leading into the Beijing Olympics where it was going to be 30+ degrees, and a lot of races that we do are very hot, it was a way to adapt to the heat, and stay where we live in Victoria, and kind of get the best of both worlds."


Simon continues to explain the value of the infrared saunas for himself as an elite athlete 

"The studies supported that beyond just heat acclimation that there were a lot of great health benefits. I have also noticed for me that it just keeps me limber in terms of, you know, I am 37 years old, so I compete a lot of the young guys and they don’t have the same, you know, crickety legs, getting out of bed as I do, and find with the Infrared, I really notice the difference if I use it the night before and the next morning after a session, I feel really good. Also, I don’t find it draining like a traditional sauna

.... I find that with Far-Red Infrared you can just go in and you actually feel a lot better afterwards, you don’t feel drained. So, it’s a great asset for us, a huge asset. "

Thanks to Simon Whifield and Health Mate UK for this interesting interview.



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